Startech Canada 1000ft Bulk Cat6 Cable (WIRC6CMPBLK)


1000 ft Bulk Cat6 Ethernet Cable – Solid – Plenum CMP – Black

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This bulk Cat6 cable delivers reliable Gigabit network connections, which ensures high-performance capability for your demanding Ethernet applications. The Cat6 cable is plenum rated for in-wall horizontal installations.

Plenum Rated
This plenum-rated Category 6 cable has been tested for CMP (FT6), and is ideal for installation in air plenums, ducts, walls, conduit, drop ceilings, or anywhere CMP fire rating is required. It’s perfect for delivering data, voice and video over Gigabit Ethernet networks.

100% copper for outstanding value
Each of our cables is manufactured using high-quality copper conductors and they are carefully constructed and tested, to keep Near-End Crosstalk (NEXT) well within acceptable limits.

23-gauge wire for high-performance network connection
Ensure high-performance capability for your demanding Ethernet applications, such as Power-over-Ethernet and 4K or 1080p video streaming, using cables that include 23 AWG copper.

The WIRC6CMPBLK delivers reliable performance and is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

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Weight 34.85 lbs
Cable length

304.9 m

Plug and Play

15.4 kg

Package depth
Data transfer rate

1000 Mbit/s

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