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Aluratek Wrlss Home Automtn Switch Kit (AWHAS0103F)

Wireless Home Automation Switch Kit gives you remote control of your home appliances and electronic devices with the touch of a button. The RF wireless switch plugs directly int…

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Sale D-Link DCH-S160 Sensor & alert system Wireless water detector

D-Link Consumer Mydlink Wi Fi Water Sensor (DCH-S160)

mydlink Wi-Fi Water Sensor; mydlink Home app. water sensing cable (1.65ft) + extendable cable (3.5ft), receive notifications when water is detected, integrate with other mydlink…

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Simple Home WiFi Alarm Siren (XHS7-1002-WHT)

Smart Wifi Alarm Siren sounds and flashes lights brightly when devices are triggered in your home. Works with other Simple Home products like motion, door and window sensors. Sm…

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Simple Home WiFi Door Window Sensor (XHS7-1003-WHT)

Smart Door / Window Wifi Sensor is programmed with the base to alert you when a door or window is opened. Notifications get sent straight to your smartphone or smart device. Use…

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Simple Home Wifi LED SMART Bulb Wht (XLB7-1001-WHT)

Multicolor Smart Wifi LED Bulb is one bulb, but 16 million colors. Make every bulb a different color in your home with millions of color options. Turn lights on and off or dim b…

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Simple Home Wifi Motion Sensor (XHS7-1001-WHT)

Wifi Motion Sensor with Message Alerts will alert you when movement is detected. Easily turn off any appliance that has been left powered on when no motion is detected. Trigger …

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Simple Home Wifi Multi Color LED Bulb (XLB7-1002-WHT)

Simple Home – Multi Color Smart LED Bulb. Turns light on or off and dimness of bulb from simple tap of cell phone. Customize colors and schedule per bulb.

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Simple Home Wifi Multi Pk Motion EnrgyWall (XCK7-1001-WHT)

Value Pack: Smart plug and motion detector. Automate your home. Trigger Simple Home products to turn on when motion is detected. Easily turn off appliances at home from the S…

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Simple Home Wifi Wall Plug (XWS7-1001-WHT)

Smart Wifi Controlled Wall Outlet will easily turn off any appliance that has been accidentally left powered on via the Simple Home App. Power your devices from anywhere in the …

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Simple Home Wifi Wall Plug w Energy 2 USB (XWS7-1002-WHT)

Smart Wifi Plug with Energy Monitor will charge 2 USB Devices with this 2.1Amp charger. Monitor the amount of energy being used by connected devices for more efficient use. App …

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TP-Link WiFi Smart Light Switch 2.4GHz (HS200)

Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch, 2.4GHz, 802.11b/g/n, works with TP-LINK’s Home Automation app Kasa (for both Android and iOS), local Wi-Fi control or remote control through Kasa…

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