Simple Home Wifi Wall Plug w Energy 2 USB (XWS7-1002-WHT)

Smart Wifi Plug with Energy Monitor will charge 2 USB Devices with this 2.1Amp charger. Monitor the amount of energy being used by connected devices for more efficient use. App …


Simple Home Wifi Wall Plug (XWS7-1001-WHT)

Smart Wifi Controlled Wall Outlet will easily turn off any appliance that has been accidentally left powered on via the Simple Home App. Power your devices from anywhere in the …


Simple Home Wifi LED SMART Bulb Wht (XLB7-1001-WHT)

Multicolor Smart Wifi LED Bulb is one bulb, but 16 million colors. Make every bulb a different color in your home with millions of color options. Turn lights on and off or dim b…


Simple Home WiFi Door Window Sensor (XHS7-1003-WHT)

Smart Door / Window Wifi Sensor is programmed with the base to alert you when a door or window is opened. Notifications get sent straight to your smartphone or smart device. Use…


Simple Home WiFi Alarm Siren (XHS7-1002-WHT)

Smart Wifi Alarm Siren sounds and flashes lights brightly when devices are triggered in your home. Works with other Simple Home products like motion, door and window sensors. Sm…


Simple Home Wifi Multi Pk Motion EnrgyWall (XCK7-1001-WHT)

Value Pack: Smart plug and motion detector. Automate your home. Trigger Simple Home products to turn on when motion is detected. Easily turn off appliances at home from the S…

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